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  • Remember the Moorfield Christmas Jumper day is on Friday 17th December


Mr Ian Bussey

Assistant Headteachers

Mrs Dawn Smith , Mrs Claire Hill

School Office

Sue Hedges, School Business Manager, Claire Guthrie , Administrative Assistant

Class Bases

Base 1

Dawn Smith , Kath Beyer

Base 2

Susan Boyle, Simarjeet Sandhar, Gill Banks

Base 3

Rachel Hill, Carlota Marshall

Base 4

Hannah Cliff, Karen Harvey, Louise Rennison

Base 5

Miss Paige Oliver, Mrs Paula Holloway

Base 6

Mrs Carolyn Buckland, Mrs Kelly Holmes 

Base 7

Mrs Claire Hill, Mrs Jayne Freeman Evans

Base 8

Miss Cassie Melaniphy/Mrs Lucy Gilbert, Mrs Alison Hodson

Base 9

Mrs Debbie Branch, Mrs Lorna Holmes, Mrs Tracy Stewart

Wraparound Care Supervisors

Mrs Lorna Holmes, Mrs Sue Evans

Wraparound Care Staff

Sue Evans

Elisa Anslow

Emma Jbara

Sharon Savage

Suzanne Caldicott

Tan Millington

Cleaning Team

Elisa Anslow (Supervisor) 

Manjit Kaur

Anganka Carey

In the Kitchen

Mandy Matthews

Jane Woodhall

Charlotte Davies

Sarah Glasgow