"Learning to Flourish"

Being happy and successful in school and in later life isn’t something that happens by chance. Our children learn through experience the importance of concentration, trying new things and imagining alternative possibilities.  We firmly believe that intelligence isn’t fixed:  hard work and persevering when the going gets tough are attributes that we can all develop to help us to accomplish things we never thought possible. We call this the Moorfield Mindset.  In an increasingly competitive globalised world a strong academic performance has never been so important -we place a strong emphasis on ensuring that our children strive for the highest standards in all that they do.

Academic attainment in itself though is not enough.   Our school aims to give children experiences which help to develop character. Children at Moorfield are given many opportunities to learn outside the four walls of the classroom -including a number of varied and exciting residential visits. These experiences really enable us to recognise the variety of children’s talents and cement highly effective relationships between pupils and adults.  In a jam packed curriculum, we make sure that soft skills aren’t overlooked.  For example children learn that manners are hugely important and that being effective and confident communicators is a vital life skill.

Our curriculum is designed to be interesting and relevant to children’s lives. For example physical activity is incorporated into the daily routine, with the aim that this continues through to adulthood.  Furthermore competitive sport (both in school and as part of our extra-curricular offer) is wide ranging and strongly encouraged.

The best part of Moorfield is how our relationships get the best out of everyone. We don’t engage with the community, we are the community. Parents and children aren’t customers they are partners.  Nobody can be sure what the future will have in store for us, but we strive for our pupils to leave us happy and well equipped to tackle the next step in their journey- whatever that might be.